Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Hannah Banana Marshmallow Creme
These are my cute nieces and their gingerbread houses we decorated this weekend. Every year my mom and her sisters get all of their grandkids together for this event. No parents are invited, (although this year Wendee and Sylvia found a loophole...maybe because their little ones are too little to do their own decorating) but I usually am allowed in because I am an aunt with no children of her own. I brought two of my nieces from Jared's side--Maysie and Malan.

Sylvia, Macy, Tori and my mom

This isn't one of my prouder moments, but I think Malan enjoyed herself. A few things of note in this picture: Yes, there are TWO (2) sucker sticks in her mouth; there used to be marshmallows on the roof of this house; and if you look closely, you can see the turquoise spot on her right knee. This picture was taken right before I dropped Malan back off at her house. We had done so well! Decorating, candy, and lunch at McDonald's all went smoothly without the slightest drop of spillage. However, I failed to inspect the Happy Meal toys before I opened the bags and jumped in the driver's seat to take the girls home. When we dropped Maysie off at her house, I noticed Malan's fingers were turquoise, and it didn't come off with a wet wipe. Then I saw the spot on her pants. Stumped as to where this had come from, Malan and I got back in the car to head to her house. That's when I found the culprit....the Happy Meal Toy was a self-inking stamp!!! I hope I don't lose my favorite aunt status over this one!
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